UNGA70 The Overview of Events: September 20th to September 27th 2015

Wednesday 28 October 2015



Overview of Events: September 20th to September 27th   2015


Suhaila with Anoyara from India during one of the activities.

Youth delegates meeting with His Excellency Ambassador Caleb Otto from Palau, they shared ideas on sustainable development and stigmatization of children living with HIV/AIDS.


Launch of “Pamoja Tunaweza” video developed by Save the Children Tanzania



--UNICEF “We the People” media hub launch, attended by General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon and other world leaders. It is  designed to be “a dynamic space intended to help bring world leaders together with their constituents, especially the children and youth of the world, who will be carrying out the new agenda”.


Youth delegates outside of the UNICEF media hub!


Suhaila with CEO of Save the Children, Carolyn Mile


Suhaila and other youth delegates with the President of the General Assembly, Mr. Mogens Lykketoft






          Youth Delegates outside of the United Nations Secretariat building



Group shot of youth delegates and chaperones with Ms.Marta Santos Pais, special representative of the UN for Violence Against Children.





Panel Information:

Moderator: Mr. Raj Kumar, President and Editor-in-Chief, Devex


Panel: Ms. Suhaila, 17- Tanzania- Young Champion

Dr. Margaret Chan - Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO)

Ms. Carolyn Miles - President and CEO, Save the Children USA

Ms. Amina J. Mohammed  - UN Special Adviser on Post-2015 Agenda

Ms. Anoyara, 18- India - Young Champion

Mr. Bill and Mrs. Melinda Gates - Co-Chairs and Trustees, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


The panel discussion was on priorities towards Sustainable Development Goals in health, how they will lead to reduction of  extreme poverty by 2030 and why partnerships are vital for driving progress to achieve the new SDGs agenda.






Suhaila speaking during the press briefing for Every Woman Every Child, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


--Light the Way: Under One Sky

A global vigil to light the way for a better future was held in 70 different countries, beginning in Australia and ending in NYC. Children broke up into three different groups and had the crowd chant “Change, Now” in three different languages: English, Swahili, and Spanish.





















--Opening Ceremony of UNGA70: Suhaila and the youth delegates attended the opening ceremony of UNGA 70. During the opening ceremony, the Pope Francis spoke, Shakira performed, and Malala gave a speech about the importance of universal secondary education for all children. Suhaila and the other youth delegates stood with Malala, holding lanterns and representing the youth from the 193 countries that would sign onto the global goals.









































Youth Delegates standing in front of the panelists after giving them the Every “Women Every Child” reports.





The Youth delegates on stage representing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the Post-2015 Agenda at the “Leave No One Behind” event.





Suhaila representing Sustainable Goal #7, Renewable Energy



Alana, Save the Children NYC, admiring a khanga designed and printed by SC Tanzania






Press Briefing for the Launch of Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health in support of the Sustainable Development Goals


Suhaila’s speech for the event:


Eid Mubarak


My name is Suhaila Msham. I am 17 years old and I am the chairperson of the Children’s Club, ZAPHA+, Zanzibar Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS I am also the child representative of Tanzania and Zanzibar.

One of the main challenges of Tanzania and Zanzibar is children that are faced with the challenge of stigmatization. Children living with HIV/AIDS are stigmatized and isolated by society. Therefore, many children become involved in dangerous activities like drug use, unprotected sex, child labour and theft.

I am fighting for the government to reach the goal of 0-3, which means eradication of stigmatization, abuse and discrimination because all children are the same.


My suggestion for the UN and other organizations is to participate and continue to eradicate stigmatization. Also, to create a special committee to monitor these goals in every country.


Thank You!




Eid Mubarak

Suhaila Msham, 17, Mwenyekiti wa Club za Watoto, ZAPHA+, Zanzibar Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS, na mwakilishi wa Tanzania and Zanzibar.


Changamoto kubwa ya Tanzania na Zanzibar ni watoto wanaokabiliwa na changamoto ya unyanyapaa. Watoto wanoishi na maambukizi ya virusi vya Ukimwi hunyanyapaliwa na kulegwa hivyo watoto wengi hujihusisha na mambo maovu kwa mfano madawa ya kulevya, ngono zembe, ajira za utotoni, wizi, nk.


Hivyo mimi napigania kutimiza malengo ya serekali kufika 0-3 ambazo ni kuondoa unyanyapaa, unyanyasaji na ubaguzi. Kwani watoto wote ni sawa.


Maoni yangu kwa Umoja wa Mataifa na mashirika kushiriki kuendelea kuondoa unyanyapaana kuweka kamati maalum kufatilia malengo kwa kila nchi.