Save the Children’s Action to Combat Climate Change

Monday 30 May 2022

Climate change is expected to worsen in the coming decades; and the Southern Africa region is among the most affected in the world, making it one of the global climate change hotspots.  An increase in both frequency and intensity of extreme events, mainly droughts, cyclones and floods, is anticipated. These changes pose serious hazards to children, particularly those who are most deprived and marginalized.

As a result of these changes, all Save the Children country offices in the Southern African region have integrated building climate resilience as a top priority in their country strategic plans for 2022 – 2024.

In Tanzania, the “Lishe Endelevu – Sustainable Nutrition” project funded by USAID, has a strong focus on improving the production and consumption of diversified food. Under this component, several climate-related activities have been implemented such as sustainable small livestock and fish farming, model crop farms to demonstrate benefits and learning about conservation farming, and income-generating with breeding and planting of drought-resistant species such as orange flesh sweet potato.

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