Voices of Nourishment: Stories from the USAID Lishe Endelevu Project in Tanzania

Within the 'Voice of Beneficiaries' book lies a testament to the profound impact of collective action in tackling undernutrition, a persistent challenge in Tanzania. Amidst governmental commitment and policy frameworks like the National Multi-sectoral Nutrition Action Plan (NMNAP), undernutrition persists, particularly among children under 5. Through the USAID Lishe Endelevu project, implemented by Save the Children Tanzania, strides are made towards realizing Tanzania's ambitious goal of reducing child stunting from 34 to 28 percent by 2021.


This endeavor encompasses targeted interventions in four regions, aiming to diminish stunting, enhance dietary diversity among women of reproductive age, and improve feeding practices for young children. As we journey through the voices within this book, may they serve as a poignant reminder of the collective efforts and unwavering dedication required to nurture a healthier, nourished future for Tanzania's children and communities.