Save the Children Welcomes the Government Decision to Overturn Education ban for Adolescent Mothers

Thursday 2 December 2021

01 NOVEMBER, 2021: DAR ES SALAAM. Save the Children welcomes and applauds the United Republic of Tanzania’s decision to overturn the education ban for adolescent girls who fall pregnant while at school. This decision has come at a time when inclusive and equitable quality education is needed for both girls and boys.

Speaking during the press conference the Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Professor Joyce Ndalichako said;

“The government has decided that all students dropping out of school for various reasons will get the opportunity to return to school. This will include girls who have dropped out of due to pregnancies while in primary or secondary school. The girls will be allowed to continue with their studies through the formal education system after delivery.”

According to the Government Notice on Education No. 2 of 2021 issued just after Minister’s remark, girls are now allowed to return to schools within a window of two years from the time they dropped out of school after falling pregnant and that school head teachers are required to create a good environment for these girls by ensuring that they get psychological and counselling support to cope with the studying environment. The statement recognises those students dropping out of school for other reasons and wish to come back to school as well.

“In order to ensure all children are continuing to get education as their basic right, through this notice, the government gives an opportunity for students dropping out of school for various reasons to return to formal education system. This opportunity is inclusive of girls who have dropped out of school due to pregnancy who will now be allowed to return to the formal education to complete their education cycle” states the Government Notice issued by the Commissioner for Education on behalf of the Ministry.

Commenting on the government decision, Save the Children Country Director, Mr. Bester Mulauzi said;

“Girls across Tanzania face many barriers in accessing quality education due to several challenges, among those being teenage pregnancies, early and forced child marriage which in turn deprive them of their right to education.”

Mr. Mulauzi added, “Save the Children applauds the Government for directing that those returning to school are provided with psychosocial support and reiterates support towards ensuring girls not only have access to education but thrive and achieve their dreams”.

About Save the Children:

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