Monday 6 August 2018

The teaching environment in Tanzania has changed, teachers are required to apply innovative techniques in delivering their sessions.  However, the teaching evironment is not conducive due to the number of challenges faced by teachers ranging from crowded classrooms, insufficient teaching aid especially to student with special needs.

A Student in class writting an exercise.

The government of Tanzania developed the Teachers Competency Manual back in 2010 which was yet to be implemented until Save the Children intervention in Shinyanga region.
Teacher Seleman Kipanya who is the Headmaster at Bihangija Primary states; “The government prepared teachers’ competence framework long time age, it has not been implemented yet, Save the Children have started intervening, in my school, more than 20 teachers have participated in the programme.” Save the Children through its learning breakthrough initiated Mwezeshe Mwalimu (Enable Teachers) - High Performance Teachers project in Shinyanga and Songwe aiming at complementing government efforts in ensuring delivering of quality education services from 2016-2018 reaching up to 225 teachers. “In college we were taught to manage classes of 45 students; in reality is quite different since classes are crowded with 150-200 students, techniques to manage all students are crucial.” Stated one of teachers participating in the training.
Teacher Selemani perfomring markings to a student's exercise book

High performance teachers’ program/trainings are conducted in four step cycle style- participants are trained on Saturdays, then provided with tablets to record themselves during teaching sessions which is followed by assessment through recordings and finally meeting with trainers for feedback,
clarification and coaching. I feel that session went well due to the introduced teaching technique which emphasizes meaningful teacher-student engagement example group discussion. At college, I was not taught to write specific objective on the board. They didn’t teach us that but, after the training I learned to do so. It is important for students to know specific objectives.
I have changed after the training.  Now I write specific objectives on the board and explain to them to students. So, they understand what they are supposed to do,”
Says, Teacher Merikioli Deo